GIC Program

We are excited to now offer a secure way to grow your savings. In addition to managing your mortgage with strategies to put you further ahead we are now offering Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIC).

When we compare our product to GIC rate offerings of the big 6 banks or many investment companies we know the rate to be .25-.60% higher than many of them.

Getting set up is easy. Give us a call or send an email to let us know you are interested, what term you are most interested in and how much you would consider investing. One of our GIC reps will contact you with 48 hours to discuss your options. The funds you chose to use will then be transferred over and your savings begin.

Whatever your financial goals, Axis Mortgage makes it easy to achieve them. The Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIC) combines growth with flexibility. The products we offer can be held in both non-registered and registered plans (RSP, TFSA, and RIF) and they are eligible for Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) coverage, up to the applicable limits.


  • GICs are the safe, reliable way to build your savings. Our GICs offer:
  • Competitive rates that are among the highest in Canada
  • Guaranteed returns


You can choose the term that’s right for you, and you can be paid in a variety of ways:

  1.     Terms range from 30 days up to five years
  2.     For terms of one year or more, interest earned can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi- annually or annually


Plan Eligibility Non-Registered, RSP, TFSA and RIF
Terms (non-redeemable) 0-364 days
1-5 years
Minimum Investment Non-registered: $1000

  • RSP & TFSA: $1000
  • RIF: $10000
Interest Payment Options Terms that are less than one year are payable at maturity

Terms that are greater than or equal to one year are payable:
  •     Monthly, Semi-annually, Annually
  •     At maturity compounded annually
Rates Call: 403.381.3790
CDIC Eligible Yes, up to applicable limits (

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