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We are a full service financial wellness centre, please review some of the other value added services we provide.  Yes, mortgage is in our name and yes we are mortgage experts, but our servicing does not end with your mortgage.  For secure, guaranteed return on your investments check out our GIC program.  This deposit-taking program has recently launched and is proving to be very popular.  In most cases the rate of return is in the area of .5% higher than you will typically see being offered by the big 5 banks.  The program allows the investment to be inside your RRSP or RIF and it is also TFSA eligible.

The preferred Visa program is a great way to help establish credit or rebuild poor credit. Visa is the world’s most recognizable credit card and offers the most number of accepting merchants.  One of the major benefits of the secured visa program is the fact that your limit on day #1 can be upwards of $1000-2000, which is a key factor in more quickly establishing your credit.  It will begin reporting to your credit bureau immediately, allowing you to achieve your goals sooner.  Additional information is provided, please click on the heading.

An area that is largely underserviced in Canada is that of equipment leasing.  If you are a restaurant owner that requires new appliances, a contractor that requires new equipment or a business owner that requires new office furniture this program is designed for you.  There are no limitations on the product that can be leased with this program, if you can dream it up, we can set you up.

We understand that home ownership is a significant step and it typically comes with the financial responsibility of paying the mortgage.  What happens in the case of illness, death or job loss?  The way to protect your investment is to have appropriate personal protection coverage.  We currently offer 4 types of coverage: life, disability, critical illness and job loss.  Please check out additional information on the Personal Protection Page.

One of our best programs is our Bundled Service Program.  The program was designed to help take the stress away when purchasing a new home. Over the years we had noticed how stressful it was for people to find a reputable Realtor, Home Inspector, Lawyer or Financial Planner, and then to coordinate all of those at one time to ensure the end results match the vision. It became clear that we can really help by referring you to the trusted advisors we have developed long term relationships with.  Our communication process with these trusted professionals is like “clock work”, making it so much easier for you.  Over the years the program has evolved to include the same level of ease, but also to include a significant financial benefit.  It is not uncommon for our clients to receive upwards of $1000 per transaction. In many cases it is as much as $2000.  If you are buying OR selling your home, this is a program you must call us about!  Please visit our testimonial page to review some of the comments about the program.

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